News 07:04 April 2017:

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To most people, likes are just for fun. To some, the higher the number of likes, the bigger the profits. And to businesses, the number of automatic likes you get on your every post could say three big things about your business. First, likes spread awareness that your business exists, awareness about your services, offers and new updates. If you are starting off as a business, coming up with ideas that will spread the word as fast as possible should be your primary goal. Hire a professional social media expert; tweet content that is interesting and the likes will increase.

On another note, likes helps better your engagement with customers.It is easier to favorite a message than retweeting it. So, people who like are usually more than not interested to speak about your business. Ask people to tweet questionsthe moment you see the likes increasing, reply to those questions and add even more details of your business get interested to interact with you. Finally, likes contribute to sales. A lot of research suggests that more than ¾ of twitter users do buy things from businesses they have interacted with on social media. So keep tweeting, albeit with modesty.