News 11:03 March 2024:

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There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing your twitter posts receive hundreds or thousands of likes. Unfortunately, a lot of users out there mistake how things work at this social network. It can be harder to get likes on twitter even when you have many followers for various reasons. To start with, most people like only the most inspiring, entertaining or thought provoking tweets. Boring marriage revelations are more often than not ignored unless you are a popular celebrity.


A good inspirational quote every three hours can therefore see more people get interested to be your twitter followers than a list of endless selfies. On the other hand, being active in trending topics can make your twitter following grow by a huge pace. When you post a great message that adds value to the twitter user as a hash tag continues to trend, more often than not a quarter of the people who liked that posts will follow you. And if you become a regular contributor in trending topics, your twitter following then starts to mount with no time. But also don’t forget to like other people’s posts from time to time or they may get bored and unfollow you.