News 09:03 March 2024:

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Many music marketers tend to think that the most important things in marketing a new song are the bridge, the drop and the finale.  Well, this is actually wrong. In actual sense, the most important thing when trying to maximise the hit potential of a new song is the initial five seconds. After tireless days at the studio and composing a good track, many musicians post their new tracks on soundcloud with the hope of boosting the popularity of the track and increasing their fan base. To make the track more successful, it is important that you consider the listening habits of your target listeners online. Additionally, you may also need to purchase automatic soundcloud followers.

The reason why you have to focus on the first five seconds of the song is that the listeners are either going to like the track, hence listen to the end or lose interest in it during the first five seconds of the track.

Instead of boring your listeners with a long introduction into the song, it is advisable that you throw them right into the track. For instance, you could save the track such that the initial five seconds takes the listeners to some minutes in the middle of the track. This will make the track more attractive and make listeners interested in following the track to the end. Buying automatic soundcloud likes will also make your music promotion campaign more effective.