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Get More Reach, Clicks and ReTweets- A How To

On August 28, 2014, in Uncategorized, by webmaster

There are over 255 million active users currently on Twitter and they manage an astounding 500 million tweets per day, according to Twitter themselves.  Also according to the powers that be from Twitter, the largest way that users interact with content is by the clicking of links, which accounts for a whopping 92% of tweets interaction.  So how do you figure out what to write, when to write it, what a hashtag is and how this is all coming together for you?  Read on…

Write A Tweet That Stands Out:   Keep your tone as if you are having a professional conversation.  Being too formal loses the interest of your followers.  Use trivia or humour for a lighter touch.  Encourage them to auto retweet.  Retweets have value as far as users are concerned.  Use words that catch the attention.  Don’t flood your tweet with information.  Keep it simple and direct.  About 100 words is best.  Add videos or photos if you like.  There is a list available for viewing that shows the most tweeted and also the most retweeted words or phrases.  Not surprisingly, the phrase please retweet, made the list.  The more retweets you get, the better the chance that you will get a viral tweet.  Auto retweeting is basically a set it and forget way to increase your retweets.  Auto retweeting can watch out for up to 5 key words and then automatically retweets in response.  Automatic retweet will save you valuable time once set up.

The Hashtag Conundrum:  All you really need to know about what a hashtag is,it is metadata.  The best hashtags are short, easy to remember and recognized by followers.  No one wants to remember a 15 word hashtag and they likely won’t even try.  Tweets with hash tags seem to get more action than those without.  Only use one or two and be choosy.  You want them to be relevant.

When To Tweet:  For businesses, try tweeting on the weekend.  Followers have more time and will be more likely to interact.  Daytime seems to be best which makes sense.  Tweeting about your sale at 3am will likely not get much activity.

Is It Working?:  You must be able to accurately measure to grow on Twitter.  The best way to do this is either with analytics or through a URL shortener .


Start Your Business On The Instagram Phenomenon

On August 28, 2014, in Uncategorized, by webmaster

Instagram is a wonderful way to display visual content and promote engagement at the same time.  Lately it seems that Instagram is on the lips of everyone and it seems like everyone has an account.  No longer is it just for you to post pictures of the grandkids or to keep up with celebrity info.  Businesses are getting into Instagram and in a big way.

Everyone wants to share their photos and short videos so why should businesses be any different?  The answer is that they aren’t.  Savvy business owners use every marketing tool available to them and that’s what Instagram is for businesses.

Connect your businesses account on Instagram to other accounts on social media that you may have, such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.  Connection to these other channels means that you can simultaneously share content.

Don’t just share one video or picture and then call it quits.  Variety is the spice of life and Instagram followers seem to agree.  Make your business stand out by including all different types of visual  content.  A couple of suggestions to start off with are photos  of your products or copies of articles written about your company.  The choices are endless but just get yourself out there.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your photo or video.  A picture of Christmas paper wrapping would not be accompanied by #summertime for example.  Make yourself familiar with the type of hashtags that other similar businesses are using to get results.

Get your followers involved.  Have them share their own photos of them with one of your products.  Encourage comments on all of your posts.  Throw a question in with your video.  Ask for opinions as well.  Try whatever you think may engage your followers and ultimately increase your likes.  And don’t be afraid to ask people to click like.  This is a great way to get automatic likes.   If it doesn’t work, try something else.   If you want to increase your likes on Instagram and you are willing to spend some of your budget you can purchase Instagram automatic likes.  One benefit of buying automatic Instagram likes is that there is no time wasting trying to generate them on your own.  Automatic likes have no real value other than to increase your popularity. Also with Instagram, you will want to analytically monitor to learn comparable performance.


How to Write Great Tweets

On August 30, 2013, in Uncategorized, by webmaster

            It can be difficult at best to fit an entire message into the 140 character limit set by Twitter, but with a bit of practice it can be done and done well. There are a few different things to keep in mind when tweeting to be sure that it is a good tweet that will catch the eye and hold the attention of others, and perhaps even be retweeted!

If one wants to convey a longer message or to give details from another website, providing a link can do just that. At times URL shorteners are used and those are not always foolproof, so be sure that the link is functioning when it is posted. Simply posting a link is not enough, one has to make those seeing the link actually click it, so be sure the tweet the link is in is interesting enough to encourage this.

Twitter’s limit of 140 characters doesn’t always leave a lot of room for extra or unnecessary ramblings. If you cannot get your message across in less than 140 characters, go ahead and use them up! If you can get by in less however, doing so can increase the likeliness that your post will be retweeted. When one retweets a post they often like to identify that they are doing so, and add their own signature. These tweets are also limited by to the same 140 characters, so if room is not left for these additions the tweet may get passed over instead of passed on.

Don’t be afraid to fill out your Bio on Twitter. If you do so well you are helping your cause in two ways. Firstly, it’s important to create a bio that will be interesting and cause others to become curious of you. Secondly, stuffing keywords into the Bio section helps attract a well matched group of followers. If you are tweeting about business or professional topics, or if your twitter account is specifically for a business, break up the monotony of business talk. By adding personalized tweets followers will not get bored with the same predictable posts. If the majority of your posts are about business spice things up with something random such as “I just tried some great new coffee! If you’re looking for a good cup of Joe, buy  instagram likes.” Twitter users enjoy having something new and unexpected to read. This is what keeps certain individuals tweets followed and retweeted while others are ignored.



How to get the most Twitter Followers

On August 30, 2013, in Twitter, by webmaster

The foremost method in gaining followers on twitter is to have a creative and detailed profile which will attract the attention and curiosity of others. When you first tweet, be sure that the tweets are lively and amusing. Tweets that nobody is interested in will not assist you in gaining followers. If you do not want to share details from your life, you may not get the following you desire. Those who keep up to date on your tweets are following your life much like a soap opera, so do not spare the juicy details. Be sure that everything you post continues to be entertaining. It is not always just a matter of gaining followers, but also keeping them. Some sites offer you opportunities to buy 1000 twitter followers, but if those followers are not interested in the topics, it will do no good, as they will begin to unfollow you. Adding  photos and videos can assist in creating tweets that will keep followers entertained.

Twitter is used as a way to create a network of individuals who all interact with one another. Follow those who follow you, and make comments as often as possible, as individuals get offended when one does not reciprocate in followings and will often stop following individuals who don’t follow them. Much like presidential candidates spend time putting their face in the public eye, you will need to put your name in the public eye as well. The more you comment on various posts by others, the more others will see your online identity. As they become more familiar with you they will be more inclined to begin to follow your posts.

Another great way to add followers is to link other social media networks you are apart of to your twitter account. Add your twitter information to any other site you are a part of and watch as those who are familiar with you there will carry your relationships from those sites over to twitter. Using Hashtags is also very helpful in finding followers. Twitter allows for individuals with similar interests to come together, united over things that they have in common. Hashtags allow your tweets to be linked up with other groups that already exist on Twitter. Adding followers is a great way to increase ones visibility online. The above methods should all be used together to accomplish the highest success rate possible.