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Starting up a new business could be one of the most difficult and challenging things that one could ever do in his or her quest to become a business person. You will agree with me that a couple of people have given up even before they could actually set the ball rolling due to how the task looks tedious and cumbersome. However, if one is wise enough, you can be sure that you can start up a new business by making good use of very easy avenues that many people have come to neglect or take them for granted along the way.

In light of these events however, social media has turned out to be one of the most effective avenues for one to explore as they seek to start up a new business. Twitter, to be much more specific, has presented many business proprietors and entrepreneurs with a chance for them to easily start off a business. By having quite a huge number of twitter followers and twitter likes, you get to establish a good rapport with your social circle and thus when you start up a new business, they will be in a position to buy in the idea and make it easier for you start up even as your advertise it on your twitter handle.


If you have ever purchased SoundCloud likes, plays, or Followers for your SoundCloud profile you are probably wondering if you made the right choice. You think it’s a wise investment, but you may in fact be second guessing your decision.

You need to take into the account that if you buy SoundCloud Followers, it will greatly increase your following and boost your account, making it more profitable and more visible. The average SoundCloud user tends to follow only those accounts that already have a huge following. It sounds simple, but it’s a fact.

The same goes for SoundCloud Likes. It can take days, weeks or even months to accumulate a high number of likes for your content. So if you opt to buy SoundCloud Likes, it can give your content the jolt it needs to appeal to the masses. Other users will like your content as well, and this in turn can get you even more SoundCloud Followers as more and more users flock to your page.



An increasing number of well renowned people and celebrities, including Barrack Obama, the president of the U.S.A, the mayor of New York- Michael Bloomberg, musiciansBeyoncé and Rowland, are already using soundcloud to share their work. According to the CEO of soundcloud, the site has revolutionized over the recent past to become a YouTube for audio content. This implies that the popularity of this music sharing site has grown immensely over the recent past. As such, it is one of the places all artists should be striving to post their content, in a bid to woe more soundcloud followers and improve the popularity of their music. There are various reasons why many people have grown to like soundcloud.

It Is Easy and Free To Post and Stream Audio Tracks

Unlike its competitors, soundcloud does not charge any money for people to post their tracks. Additionally, the listeners are not charged a dime to stream the audio tracks and even download them. This aspect has made soundcloud a darling of more than 200 million across the globe.

Although the following is large and the possibility to become popular on soundcloud is great, you will need soundcloud likes in order to attract more soundcloud followers to your account.


Many music marketers tend to think that the most important things in marketing a new song are the bridge, the drop and the finale.  Well, this is actually wrong. In actual sense, the most important thing when trying to maximise the hit potential of a new song is the initial five seconds. After tireless days at the studio and composing a good track, many musicians post their new tracks on soundcloud with the hope of boosting the popularity of the track and increasing their fan base. To make the track more successful, it is important that you consider the listening habits of your target listeners online. Additionally, you may also need to purchase automatic soundcloud followers.

The reason why you have to focus on the first five seconds of the song is that the listeners are either going to like the track, hence listen to the end or lose interest in it during the first five seconds of the track.

Instead of boring your listeners with a long introduction into the song, it is advisable that you throw them right into the track. For instance, you could save the track such that the initial five seconds takes the listeners to some minutes in the middle of the track. This will make the track more attractive and make listeners interested in following the track to the end. Buying automatic soundcloud likes will also make your music promotion campaign more effective.



I love live music and I love to check out local bands, but honestly, half the time you go to a show for some new band you never heard of and the music is lame, right? Well, I discovered a new site that lets you sample music by both popular and “unknown” artists…SoundCloud!

It’s free to listen and you can even create a basic profile. Artists gain popularity by the number of SoundCloud Followers they have as well as the SoundCloud Followers for their music. So before you and your friends decide to go to the local bar to check out some unknown garage band, check them out on SoundCloud first!


Sound Out on SoundCloud

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Are you trying to get started in the music biz? Not sure where to go to get your voice out there? Check out SoundCloud. You can upload limited streams for free and the rates are reasonable for additional storage. It’s like YouTube for aspiring artists, a step up from MySpace..MUCH more user-friendly.

Popular musicians and struggling artists alike are aspiring to gain more SoundCloud Followers. You can share your music on other sites as well, thus increasing your visibility and SoundCloud Likes. It’s free to listen and create a basic profile, so check it you and let your voice be heard…it can’t hurt to have millions of adoring fans, right?


In today’s ever-growing, ever-changing music industry, it’s hard to find new music that fits your taste. There are so many music sites out there, but I find myself “tuning in” to SoundCloud more and more.

I created a basic profile for free so I can listen for free and rate music by SoundCloud Plays. If I find an artist I particularly enjoy, I simply become a SoundCloud Follower. SoundCloud is the new social media site for anyone with a passion for music. If you are an artist you can create your own page and grow your SoundCloud Followers aka fan base.




Tips for More Effective Promoted Tweets

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At some point, you or your clients may have used promoted tweets in your business. While auto retweet is among the leading promotion methods being used today. There are several ways in which you may increase the effectiveness of automatic retweet.

Pay Attention to Upcoming Events

Based on research findings, using the right keywords and at the right time on your twitter promotion posts will generate better results. For instance, if you are at a conference, you should send out targeted tweets to the target attendees. This will, in turn maximise your return on investment and help you connect better with the audience.

Increase Your Budget

While automatic retweets are a considerably cheaper marketing strategy, you will find that they can exhaust your planned budget in a shot time. For better results and to make your advertisement posts viral, you will need to increase your planned marketing budget.

These ideas, coupled with genuine auto retweet from the leading companies will generate immense traffic to your business.


Get More Reach, Clicks and ReTweets- A How To

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There are over 255 million active users currently on Twitter and they manage an astounding 500 million tweets per day, according to Twitter themselves.  Also according to the powers that be from Twitter, the largest way that users interact with content is by the clicking of links, which accounts for a whopping 92% of tweets interaction.  So how do you figure out what to write, when to write it, what a hashtag is and how this is all coming together for you?  Read on…

Write A Tweet That Stands Out:   Keep your tone as if you are having a professional conversation.  Being too formal loses the interest of your followers.  Use trivia or humour for a lighter touch.  Encourage them to auto retweet.  Retweets have value as far as users are concerned.  Use words that catch the attention.  Don’t flood your tweet with information.  Keep it simple and direct.  About 100 words is best.  Add videos or photos if you like.  There is a list available for viewing that shows the most tweeted and also the most retweeted words or phrases.  Not surprisingly, the phrase please retweet, made the list.  The more retweets you get, the better the chance that you will get a viral tweet.  Auto retweeting is basically a set it and forget way to increase your retweets.  Auto retweeting can watch out for up to 5 key words and then automatically retweets in response.  Automatic retweet will save you valuable time once set up.

The Hashtag Conundrum:  All you really need to know about what a hashtag is,it is metadata.  The best hashtags are short, easy to remember and recognized by followers.  No one wants to remember a 15 word hashtag and they likely won’t even try.  Tweets with hash tags seem to get more action than those without.  Only use one or two and be choosy.  You want them to be relevant.

When To Tweet:  For businesses, try tweeting on the weekend.  Followers have more time and will be more likely to interact.  Daytime seems to be best which makes sense.  Tweeting about your sale at 3am will likely not get much activity.

Is It Working?:  You must be able to accurately measure to grow on Twitter.  The best way to do this is either with analytics or through a URL shortener .


Start Your Business On The Instagram Phenomenon

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Instagram is a wonderful way to display visual content and promote engagement at the same time.  Lately it seems that Instagram is on the lips of everyone and it seems like everyone has an account.  No longer is it just for you to post pictures of the grandkids or to keep up with celebrity info.  Businesses are getting into Instagram and in a big way.

Everyone wants to share their photos and short videos so why should businesses be any different?  The answer is that they aren’t.  Savvy business owners use every marketing tool available to them and that’s what Instagram is for businesses.

Connect your businesses account on Instagram to other accounts on social media that you may have, such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.  Connection to these other channels means that you can simultaneously share content.

Don’t just share one video or picture and then call it quits.  Variety is the spice of life and Instagram followers seem to agree.  Make your business stand out by including all different types of visual  content.  A couple of suggestions to start off with are photos  of your products or copies of articles written about your company.  The choices are endless but just get yourself out there.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your photo or video.  A picture of Christmas paper wrapping would not be accompanied by #summertime for example.  Make yourself familiar with the type of hashtags that other similar businesses are using to get results.

Get your followers involved.  Have them share their own photos of them with one of your products.  Encourage comments on all of your posts.  Throw a question in with your video.  Ask for opinions as well.  Try whatever you think may engage your followers and ultimately increase your likes.  And don’t be afraid to ask people to click like.  This is a great way to get automatic likes.   If it doesn’t work, try something else.   If you want to increase your likes on Instagram and you are willing to spend some of your budget you can purchase Instagram automatic likes.  One benefit of buying automatic Instagram likes is that there is no time wasting trying to generate them on your own.  Automatic likes have no real value other than to increase your popularity. Also with Instagram, you will want to analytically monitor to learn comparable performance.